If you're a controversial blogger and write content which may be perfectly true, NOT defamatory but unpalatable to some visitors (although you have a  right to your  freedom of speech and opinions), you may wake up one morning, without ANY warning to find this notice on your blog site:

This is the risk you take when you sign up to a 'free' blog account with some web-based blogging  services (not just Google 'Blogger' - although they are one of the biggest and most influential players in the blog world).

First you'll panic, then you'll fume and moan (after trawling through the annoying FAQs to try and get your blog resurrected). Failing that you'll then try to contact someone like Google to try and sort out the problem - forget it - they don't talk to anyone, unless you're paying them for advertising. Your months, possibly years of hard work has disappeared down the plug-hole, never to be seen again, AND YOU CAN'T DO A THING ABOUT IT!

You've trod on someone's toes, they've made an official complaint to the blog service providers (Google Blogger' in this example) and they in turn have clicked on their mouse button to shut you up and make you disappear. It doesn't just happen in China or Korea!

The solution? DON'T use 'free' blogging services run by someone else other than yourself. If you blog serious content on sensitive subjects then get yourself a domain name of your own, host it on a private server and be in total control of your OWN site and not be a slave to a 'free blog service' run by someone else.

There is no such thing as a free lunch - there can be a nasty price to pay, unless your blog is a personal gossip natter about the latest soap opera, show biz weddings or similar shallow servings!